A Diary of the Mundane and Mediocre

Will Mellor?

Arch-twat Will Mellor

Who keeps on giving Arch-twat Will Mellor work! The BBC continue to astound me in their constant commissioning of crap tele. I haven’t even seen the White Van Man to know that a sitcom based around a White Van Man is going to be bad. When you add into this already disturbing concept Mr Mellor, a man whose acting skill are comparable to a decomposing cat then you know that its going to be a massive waste of money.

But I could be wrong. White Van Man, which starts this week is the work or Adrian Poynton who has been a successful stand up comic for the last 10 years winning numerous awards in the process. But if history has taught us anything it’s that when Will Mellor is in a show, no matter how good the writing, he’s going to lower the standard. Proof! What you want proof? Ok here it is:

Now when you consider that clip in the future, remember that his actions aren’t scripted! That’s him! That’s how he acts normally!


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