A Diary of the Mundane and Mediocre

30 March 2011: Wednesdays Wonder 5 – Soaps Stars with Weird Faces

Ok, so I was lying awake last night trying to get some sleep but every time I would close my eyes I was met with the vision of the weird wolfchild who played Alf Stewart’s son Duncan. I tried to shake the image out of my head but to no avail. This left me with my only course of action. Embrace the face! Doing this led me to think of all the other soap stars who had weird faces.

Weird Face No. 1: Duncan Stewart. (Brendan McKensey)

Weird face par excellence. Played Alf Stewart’s son from 1998-2005. During his time walking the sands he entertained us with bad acting and strange facial expressions.

Weird Face N0.2: Chesney Battersby-Brown (Sam Aston)

Apparently this guy can actually act (if soap awards are any judge). But his skill for this top five lay not in his emotional portrayal of a boy who has lost his mother in Coronation Street. But his ability to make gurn like a 90 year old Yorkshire man.

Weird Face No.3:  Hannah Martin (Rebecca Ritters)

For years this weird-looking child walked the ever sunny streets of Edinsborough. Often surrounded by infinitely more attractive people who only served to highlight her awkward looks. Year later Rebecca Ritter grew into her face and looked less strange. She even appeared in the some Australian lads mags. But I can’t look at those without seeing the human embodiment of Disney’s Goofy.

Weird Face No.4: David Platt (Jack P. Shepard)

This guy is apparently a coronation Street heart-throb. I don’t know about you but they must have really low standards up there in Weatherfield.

Weird Face No.5: Mo Harris (Laila Morse)

Gary Oldmans older sister and Eastenders stalwart certainly has a strange face. A face that seems to be in a state of permanent anger. Skin of granite and eyes that end global warming. Still there is something about this elder lady that is provocative a certain reader wives quality that you don’t see on the tv that often. All that aside she is clearly the best actor/actress in this list.


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