A Diary of the Mundane and Mediocre


Hi, My name is Ben. Last year I graduated from Goldsmiths College recieving an Upper Second Class Honors Degree in History… I have been unemployed ever since.

I have tried to get work whenever and where ever I can and on rare occasions this has proven to successful, well, when I say successful I mean depressing, soul destroying and of little cultural relevance. A perfect example is my brief spell as a luggage assistant at Kings Cross Train Station.  At the time of writing I am a part-time plasterers ‘boy’ with a list of work responsibilities that include both fetching and carrying. Worthy of a degree I am sure that you’ll agree. The world is a crazy place, of that I am sure. So sure am I that I have begun to embrace the craziness, a decision that has taken me years to make. I went to university relatively late in life, toward the end of my twenties. I went for the right reasons, to learn, to experience, but most of all to gain an understanding of where I came from and therefore gain some foresight into where I am going. It was, perhaps, a silly decision. After all I had a good career working in the rail industry, but I didn’t love it. So when the opportunity came for me to put aside the regular salary, the travelcard, and the pension scheme the choice was simple. For the next few years I would be an undergraduate, armed with all the energy and misguided arrogance that the name implies.

The problem is that I graduated with aspirations, with the grandiose dreams all post graduates have. Two, maybe three years ago this may not have been a problem but running true to form I have had the misfortune of graduating in the most ridiculous economic period of the last 100 years. Trying to find work has been nigh on impossible. I am either too educated, or not experienced enough. How does a man in his mid-thirties gain new work experiences, especially when his aspirations and career goals have shifted? The way I see it I have two paths ahead of me. I can either try to find regular work that offers little else other than a regular pay check. But this path would render my degree pointless. Or, I can try and follow my dream of writing.  The latter path is, of course, the more difficult one. The risks are higher, especially when you factor in age and commitments, I am after all not your average graduate I am not 21, I am not middle class, and I don’t have the support of affluent parents who can support my craziness. But the right path isn’t supposed to be easy, is it? I am prepared for financial difficulty, I am resigned to the fact that a lot of hard work is needed before I begin to find financial security. But I am 100% positive that I will find satisfaction and happiness through the hardship. So here I am, looking for internships, and unpaid work experience anything even remotely connected to writing.

The idea of this blog is for me to write a diary of events that will detail my hunt for that elusive job. Will I be successful in finding that dream job, who knows….the journey continues.


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